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Letter From God…

Welcome Friend!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Format is changed slightly on this day but know the words


here are straight from my heart



by God – our Father

to encourage you and me as we continue on our journey seeking

His only Begotten Son

JESUS – our Lord and Savior. 

Friend, I am an avid reader


I willingly rise early in the morning to begin my day spending time in God’s presence –


studying His Word (Scripture)


 listening for His still small voice guiding me.

It is a blessing and I praise and thank God continually.

I am NOTHING without God 


I don’t want to be ANYTHING without God!

I have not always felt this way – God has “grown” me

through His Grace and Mercy.

and I say “GLORY to God” that I do now.

You may have heard that song or was it a saying? –

“I once was lost but now I’m found

I was blind but now I see…”

Whewwwww—thank you LORD!

Praise God! Praise God! Praise God!

Friend, I also know that I’m called by God to share the good news with


and specifically


 reading our blog at this moment!


I am to 

remind everyone of God’s





His only begotten Son 



God loves us –

He wants the best for us


here below is a letter He shared with me (in my readings)


asked me to share with you

on our(God and me)


Oh Happy Day it is to obediently do His will and quickly!

It is a blessing and I joyfully share with you.

“My Dearest

I rejoice when you come to me(Zeph. 3:17)!  All I want to do is to rain down my blessings on you(Ps. 67:7).  Always put me first in your life above all others and this will allow me to take care of your circumstances and situations(Ps.16:31, Matt. 10:29).  Trust me…I am good, consistent and I never fail(Heb 13:8, Ps. 136).  I love you enough to sacrifice my Son for you(John 3:16).

I am not here to condemn you(John 3:17).  Don’t step over this gift I willingly lay down for you(Matt 26:1-5), John 10:15-18).  Seek me first and everything else will be added to you(Matt 6:33)  No situation and no person are greater than my power, my love, and my dominion(Ps.145).

Stop being anxious (Luke 12:27)!  You can’t earn my love, mercy, grace-these thing; I give freely (Eph 2:8-9).  I know all of you— I know all your secrets and your thoughts no one knows about you—and I love you still (Ps. 139)  Come to me!  I will never leave you or forsake you (Heb 13:5)  You don’t have to change to receive my love (Matt 5:5). 

Your Father

Praises and Thanks be to our Father God.