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God hears us when we call…

Warmest Welcome Friend!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by today!

It is ALWAYS my hope that you find the words here encouraging and inspiring as you continue on your journey seeking Jesus Christ – your Friend and mine. 


I am prayerfully believing ALL is Well with you – and that our 


is blessing your life with much love, laughter, joy and peace.

Praises to You Lord!

Our Scripture focus today is Isaiah Chapter 55 verse 6:

“Seek the Lord while He may be found; call on Him while He is near.”


Isn’t it wonderfully wonderful to know God our Father is near


that we may call on Him

 at anytime

day or night

for help with anything in our lives.

We do not ever have to go it alone 


think we have to be ready or change ourselves before God will hear us.

Friend, God loves us and in His Word He says

“Do not be afraid, for I am with you” 

(Isaiah 43:5)

So, run to Him not from Him.

You are ready right now – even though you may not feel you are.

I read that we often don’t feel we are ever ready for the “challenges” and/or “next steps” in life.  

For example – many don’t think they are ready for the “big” events  – like getting married or having children.  Couples often say before deciding to start a family, “We are just not ready for children yet.”  

But when a baby arrives they can’t imagine life without him or her.  The child opens new avenues of love in their hearts that they didn’t know existed.  

That is the way it is with God, too…we are not ready for Him.  We think if things get really bad, then we will turn to Him.  Or maybe we will seek Him when we get older when circumstances are better/right.

Many, many have found that only after going through years of trying on their own that they realize there is no other way out of  messes, situations, circumstances, etc


with God’s help.  Only then do they dare to call out to God for help and are surprised to find – He is there!  He is with us!  He hears us!

I believe the poem below that I read recently – sums up very nicely the goodness of God and what can happen when we TRUST in His Words –

Like a shot in the dark,

His words came flying;

Straight to my heart,

And stopped me crying.

And speechless I stood,

For words never could

Explain what happened to me.  

Out of the night,

Into the light,

Where there is no shadow of turning.

Where I was torn,

Now I’m reborn.

Will you please bow your head and pray with me-

Lord, you said that we will find you when we seek you with all our heart(Jeremiah 29:13).   Please help us Lord God not to waste another single day waiting for a change to occur in us and/or circumstances to be right before we willingly call out to You.  Please touch our hearts right now Lord – so we know and believe you hear us and are with us.


Thank You Father God.

Thank You Lord Jesus.

Thank You Holy Spirit.

In Jesus’ Name – we pray.