The Heart of Forgiveness…

Warmest Welcome To You Friend!

It is another WONDERFUL day the Lord has given us 

and no matter what is in store for us today –

let us be encouraged by our FAITH in JESUS


know in our hearts that “all is well”.

Our scripture focus for today begins in the book of Psalm 32:1—

“Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered.”

Friend, have you ever struggled with the need to forgive someone or ask forgiveness from someone?  

It can be a very difficult place to be.

I’m led to share with you how the Lord has guided my steps when faced with this dilemma.  

First, I get on my knees and PRAY.

I lift up everyone involved to the Lord – asking Him to please touch our hearts and minds to be obedient and do His will (FORGIVE) quickly!

Next, I read Psalm 46:10—

“Be still and know that I am God.”

These particular words give me great PEACE and JOY in any “storm” and/or when my heart is heavily burdened.

Then, knowing the Lord hears my prayer – I still myself and wait on His response/direction on the matter.

At this point – I often tend to visualize a possible outcome.  

I image the telephone rings, breaking the stillness/silence and bringing with it a blessing:  the forgiveness of a friend or family member.  Our relationship is restored!  Within seconds, joy replaces the heavy burden in my heart and I thank the Lord!

Nothing breathes new life into our souls like forgiveness, whether we receive it or give it to another.  Amazingly, three small words take on a transforming power the moment they are uttered:  

I forgive you.  

How blessed we are when we hear these words! Forgiveness wraps us in a contentment that reaches deep into our heart.  The most surprising gift of forgiveness is that is triggers a reciprocal response.  

In the moment we receive forgiveness, we are stirred to “do unto others” the very same thing.

Consider this thought my friend —

If the gift/blessing of another’s forgiveness can change us, imagine what God’s forgiveness can do.  PRAISE GOD!

Let us bow our heads and pray “Lord, thank you that we are yours – we love you and need you now and forevermore.” 



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