The Seekers…


Thank you for stopping by.

Let me get right to the point/message I have for you today and we begin with our Scripture Focus from the Book of Psalm  14:2 —

“From heaven the Lord looks down to see if anyone is wise enough to search for him.”

Friend, are you looking for the Lord? 

Do you want to know Him better- enjoy a closer relationship?

He is watching for people just like you and me who are looking for Him.  

People who know that there’s more to this life than the affairs of this world.

Receiving His wisdom and instruction are true blessings for us

if we listen for His still small voice.

Personally, I highly recommend cultivating some silence in our lives.  

Ask the Lord to help you in this effort – help you to remove unnecessary





in your life.

(***  “…Be Still and know that I am God…”  Psalm 46:10)

God speaks in the silence.

I believe this with all my heart.

And removing the three hindrances above will enable us to hear Him clearly – be obedient and do His will quickly.

We are very precious to the Lord.  

Remember – 

He loves us.

He loves YOU!


Let us close with this prayer —

Jesus, thank you for all the ways you make yourself

known to us – your love and guidance is what we are in constant need of –

You are awesome!



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