You Cannot Imagine~

WELCOME – Brothers and Sisters!

Thank you for visiting today whether it is the first time or yet again – I am glad you stopped by. 

It is always my prayer that you will find a word of encouragement and inspiration during these

times as you seek JESUS – your Friend and mine.

Journey on – for when you seek Him – you will find Him.

Today our scripture focus is from the book of Psalm –

Chapter 108 – verse 4:

“Your love reaches higher than the heavens, and your loyalty extends beyond the clouds”


Don’t those words just warm your very heart and soul!

God loves us greatly and I am forever grateful and pray that you are too.

To put His Love in perspective – think of the person you love most – that love pales in comparison to the love of God!

There’s a limit to your love, but God’s is UNLIMITED.

There are conditions to your love, but God’s is UNCONDITIONAL.

You cannot imagine

how amazingly powerful and profound

God’s love is for you – for all of us – His Children!

So then let us REJOICE that nothing can ever separate us from it.

And remember:

The Lord sees you.

The Lord hears you.

The Lord is ever and always near you.

Let us end with a prayer – 

Lord, thank you for your love.  Help us to trust the height and depth of it.

Praises to You Father.



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