Sacrificial Giving…

Good Morning Friend and Welcome!

I praise God and thank Him for your visit. 

As we continue on our journey seeking JESUS 

I remain very prayerful the words you find here on this particular day will still be

encouraging and inspiring.

I will share that my heart is heavy after watching a TV program

about the HOMELESS in our world

who are in CRISIS facing the incredible and DAILY dilemma –

lack of  food and shelter.

I thought to myself – Lord JESUS please help us!

I lifted all the HOMELESS families who I saw on tv and the MANY who were not pictured

in prayer

asking the Lord to please touch hearts and minds

so we may care enough to sacrifice freely and give generously

to our brothers and sisters.

And because of this WORLD situation – 

our Scripture focus today is Psalm 54:6 —

“I will freely sacrifice to You…”

My brothers and sisters – do you freely sacrifice and give generously to those in need?  

Scripture says “it is more blessed to give  than to receive”  (Acts 20:35)

I read recently about a man who truly sacrificed in his giving, not by giving what he could AFFORD,

for what sacrifice is that?  

but by giving MORE than he had to SPARE.  

After all a sacrifice is only a sacrifice when you give from your needs not from your excess,

and it is when we do this that we truly live as we should – sharing and sacrificing for those in need.

Well here is the rest of the story about the man I mentioned above –

one day he found he had a spare $20 dollar bill in his hand and wondered – should he give it to the poor, for he did not need it himself.  

Then he wondered – should he give it as a church offering, for that would be a sacrifice to God –

or should he put it in the bank,  where the bankers would easily make another buck or two they really didn’t need or deserve. 

He thought for a while and then decided that he would not put the money in the bank – as that would only benefit the rich bankers.  

He also decided not to give it as a church offering for the church members seem well fed and focused on themselves.

He decided to give it to the poor, for they have little and are always in need.

The man found a beggar on the street and gave him the $20 bill.  

The beggar was so GRATEFUL for he knew he and his family would eat that day!

The man was happy and decided to give the beggar another $20 bill

KNOWING that he really needed it himself.  

The beggar thanked him and kissed his hands.

The man was again so touched by the beggars’ response that he gave him the last $20 bill he had with him.  

The rejoicing of the beggar to the man’s generosity attracted others to the area to find out what was happening.  

Hearing what the man had done, some said he was foolish giving so much away to the poor.  

A priest who was there said he hoped the man had paid his tithes,

while others laughed that the beggar could trick someone into giving them so much.  

The man, however did not care;

he felt so happy at having been able to help a needy person,

and he just ignored the comments of those who criticized him.

When the man returned home, his wife asked him if he had bought the food he went to the market for??

 The man explained what he had done with the money

and told how happy he felt at helping the poor.  

His wife looked at him and saw the JOY in his face, a joy she had never seen before.  

She said she was happy that he’d been so kind to the poor .

That evening they did not eat

because the man had given the money away that was intended to buy their food,

but they did not mind

because the sacrifice was well worth it.

They thought like many others that  “those who give to the poor will receive rewards in heaven far greater than could ever be imagined. “

There are others who thought – surely, if the man gave the money to the church he would be rewarded because that is the house of God.

But, a response was that to truly be the house of God means to reflect the LOVE of God, and how many of those in churches do that today?

Many sit in fine clothes with all they need and MORE,

while the poor starve and drop dead daily in the streets.  

The LOVE of God is far from the hearts of many church goers today

and many churches worry more about their tithes

(or lack of them)

than about the people they should be helping.  

So, to give to this type of church is not to give to God.

One last person asked –  but why did the man give ALL of his money to the beggar?  

Surely, he should have kept what he needed for himself and family??  

The response was than some are led to give their all from time to time.  

To do without temporarily in order to be a blessing to someone else RIGHT NOW!

And in this case, the man received all he needed from the beggar in the form of his gratitude.

It filled the man’s heart with joy and that is more important than

temporarily doing without (sacrificing)

or any amount of money.

You may be wondering what is the lesson from the story?  

Is it that we should give everything away??

No, certainly not.

The message is that there is no sacrifice in giving away what you do not need.  

To sacrifice means to give from what YOU need

to those who have a more PRESSING and URGENT need.

And in this way you share from your heart and will find your heart rewarded.

Let us end with a prayer —

“Lord, please show us how to be a blessing to others

– by giving generously and sacrificially

using the treasure, time and talent

from which we’ve been blessed by you.”

Praise God.

Thank You Lord!



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