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God’s Different Perspective.

Welcome Friend!

It is a GLORIOUS day!

This is the day the Lord has made – let us REJOICE and be glad in it!

Praise God for your visit today.  And know that I always pray the words you find here to be encouraging and inspiring as you continue on the path seeking JESUS.   Remember, if you seek HIM – you will find HIM.

He loves us.

He died to save us.

Praise God in heaven above for this and ALL things.


Our scripture focus today is Psalm 90:4 —

“To you, a thousand years is like the passing of a day, or like a few hours in the night.”

Friend, God has not failed you.  Though every human indicator may suggest that God is absent from your situation, the reality is far from it.  The problem is that the full panorama has yet to be seen — your complete situation still hasn’t been unveiled.

You may ask yourself at this moment – why has God allowed these trials and storms to come into your life?  It’s not because he is letting you down.  Rather, he’s teaching you that he makes all your circumstances work together for your good — even the WAITING.  

So, don’t fret.  Hang on to him as TIGHTLY as you can and TRUST that he’s working out something important.  Because when you see what he sees, you’re going to love the big picture.  

Could we bow our head together and pray:

“God, I know you won’t ever let me down.  Please help me to recognize this and hang on until I can see your answer to my PRAYERS.  I know you’re FAITHFUL.”



Serving God — Amen.


Praise God for your visit today – it is truly a blessing.  I pray you will be encouraged and inspired by the words you find here as you continue on the path seeking JESUS -your Friend and mine.

Our Scripture Focus today is Psalm 58:11 —

“Everyone will say, “It’s true! Good people are rewarded.  God does rule the earth with justice.”

Sisters and Brothers — serving God isn’t easy.  Trouble shows up in the strangest places.  You’ll try to help people, and others will criticize what you’re doing.

You’ll work long years trying to make a difference, but you won’t see the outcome you expected.

Yes, serving God is difficult–but friend, it’s well worth it!

You see, there’s a great reward for those who do God’s work on earth.  Not only is God pleased while you’re obeying him, but you’ll see the fruit of your labor in heaven.

All the love you pour out will generate unimaginably wonderful results in God’s kingdom.  So have FAITH and keep SERVING Him.  You’ll never find a better return for your work.

Let’s bow our heads together and pray:

“God, please keep me strong as I serve you.  Remind me that it’s not about seeking others’ approval or earthly rewards, BUT about glorifying YOU.”

Thank you Lord Jesus.