God is Unchanging – Amen!

Welcome Friend!

I praise God for your visit today.  I am oh so very thankful to God for giving us a FRIEND in JESUS.   I pray the words you find here will encourage and inspire you to continue on the path seeking JESUS our Lord and Savior.

JESUS CHRIST who gave His life for us.  So we may have eternal life with our Father in heaven above.


All Praises and Glory to God maker of Heaven and Earth.

Our scripture focus today is Psalm 93:1, 5 —

“God is King, robed and ruling, God is robed and surging with strength.  And yes, the world is firm, immovable, Your throne ever firm–you are Eternal!”

“What you say goes–it always has. Beauty and Holy mark your palace rule, God, to the very end of time.”

God’s words are mighty and magnificent.  I am forever thankful for His Love and that He changeth NOT.

Everything changes on earth – they just were not intended to last forever.  Even our lives are ruled by this — births and deaths — beginnings and endings.  The cycles of change are inherent in our nature.

Yet, GOD isn’t subject to any such phases or cycles.  Immune from time, God’s character is completely UNCHANGING and his nature is ETERNAL

That’s why as things start, finish, and change in your life, you can always hope in HIM.  God will always be steadfastly faithful to you–today, tomorrow, and always.

Could you please bow your head in prayer with me:

Lord, oh how we need you!  We thank YOU for being unchanging in this changing world.  Thank YOU for always being with us providing stability and strength in our lives.



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