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Trust Takes Time….

Welcome Friend!

I’m grateful you are visiting today.  Whether it is your first time or you’ve chosen to return – I believe it is no coincidence and I’m praying you will be inspired and encouraged by the words here as you continue on the path seeking JESUS – my friend and yours.

Jesus is our savior and God’s only begotten son.

We can be thankful to Him for shedding His blood to save us – He paid a debt that He did not owe – to free us

Jesus loves us!

Why- I’ll never know – but I’m glad He does.


We can TRUST Him and His Words.

Our scripture focus is Psalm 106:12

“Then they believed his words were true and broke out in songs of praise”

It is very freeing when you realize, “God, I never want to be without you.  I know you’ll always love and help me.”

It takes time to “internalize” that God will never lie to you.

God is absolutely UNLIKE the people who’ve let you down.

Friend, truly trusting God is never automatic, but he’s a patient and wise teacher.  Halleluiah!

So set your heart on realizing the TRUTH about him and REJOICE as you discover how much He cares for you.

Undoubtedly, when you learn to TRUST him and see his faithful activity in your life, you’ll want to sing and shout for JOY!

Let us bow our heads and pray:

“God, thank you for helping me TRUST in You and  always loving me – in spite of me!  I never want to be without you Lord Jesus.  Praise God!



When God Speaks—

Welcome Welcome Welcome!

Thank you for visiting today – it is a blessing!  I am and will always be prayerful that the words you find here will encourage and inspire you as you continue on the path seeking JESUS.

He is my FRIEND and yours.

He is God’s only begotten son.

He died to save us.

I am forever Thankful to Him.


Our Scripture focus today is:

Psalm 29:4,8, 10-11

“The voice of the Lord is powerful; the voice of the Lord is full of majesty…The voice of the Lord shakes the wilderness.  Above the floodwaters is God’s throne from which his power flows, from which he rules the world.  God makes his people strong.  God gives his people PEACE.”

Friend, at the sound of his voice, the winds and the waves obey and calm down.  At his command, the rains fall or the rivers recede.

He spoke, and day and night; heaven and earth; animals, birds, and fish; flowers, plants, and trees; and man and woman were created.  He opened his mouth and the stars appeared–and the entire universe with them.

When God speaks, all of creation responds and trembles.  His word is powerful–it’s the foundation for everything that exists.

So listen to him and don’t be afraid when his voice shakes you.  Embrace his message, because he’s creating things for you that are better than you can imagine.

Could you please bow your head and let us pray to the Lord together:

“Lord, I know your voice is powerful and wondrous!  I praise you for your wonderful word–let me hear you clearly today and always Lord Jesus.”


God is Unchanging – Amen!

Welcome Friend!

I praise God for your visit today.  I am oh so very thankful to God for giving us a FRIEND in JESUS.   I pray the words you find here will encourage and inspire you to continue on the path seeking JESUS our Lord and Savior.

JESUS CHRIST who gave His life for us.  So we may have eternal life with our Father in heaven above.


All Praises and Glory to God maker of Heaven and Earth.

Our scripture focus today is Psalm 93:1, 5 —

“God is King, robed and ruling, God is robed and surging with strength.  And yes, the world is firm, immovable, Your throne ever firm–you are Eternal!”

“What you say goes–it always has. Beauty and Holy mark your palace rule, God, to the very end of time.”

God’s words are mighty and magnificent.  I am forever thankful for His Love and that He changeth NOT.

Everything changes on earth – they just were not intended to last forever.  Even our lives are ruled by this — births and deaths — beginnings and endings.  The cycles of change are inherent in our nature.

Yet, GOD isn’t subject to any such phases or cycles.  Immune from time, God’s character is completely UNCHANGING and his nature is ETERNAL

That’s why as things start, finish, and change in your life, you can always hope in HIM.  God will always be steadfastly faithful to you–today, tomorrow, and always.

Could you please bow your head in prayer with me:

Lord, oh how we need you!  We thank YOU for being unchanging in this changing world.  Thank YOU for always being with us providing stability and strength in our lives.