God’s Commands – (Boundaries)

Welcome My Friend!

Praises to God for your visit today.  I always pray that you will find these words encouraging and inspiring as you continue on the path seeking JESUS.

Jesus loves us and where would we be without Him?  I for one never want to be without Him.  Glory to God for giving us His Son Jesus!  And His Holy Spirit who dwells in our hearts – guiding, teaching, helping and comforting us all.

Our Scripture focus today is Psalm 74: 12, 17

“You have been our king from the beginning, O God; you have saved us many times.”

“You set all the limits on the earth.”

Boundaries keep the resources and relationships of our lives from becoming damaging.  That’s why God gives us His commands; He knows that too much of a good thing can be harmful, and he wants us to flourish rather than self-destruct.

So, don’t be afraid of His laws–they’ll always keep us safe.

Let us bow our heads together and pray:

Lord, thank you that your boundaries are not meant to limit us but protect us.  Help us please to always abide by your life-giving commands.


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