Welcome Welcome Welcome!

Praise God for your visit today.  I am prayer you will find encouragement and inspiration in these words as you continue on the path seeking JESUS CHRIST our Lord and Savior.

Scripture focus is from the book of Psalm:77:11-12

“I will remember your great deeds, Lord; I will recall the wonders you did in the past.  I will think about all that you have done; I will meditate on all your mighty acts.”

Oh what glorious words those are – think about HIM and all HE has done for us!

His love, his grace and mercy, his kindness, his compassion, his everything.  He is mighty and marvelous.  Let us praise HIM always and forever.

As you start this day – think of this:  you wouldn’t willingly drink water that had toxins in it; you’d find clean water to relieve your thirst.  Is the same true of your mind?

Perhaps you supply your brain with negative, chewed-over thoughts of hurt.  Or maybe boredom-a sign your intellect is starved– causes you to dine on whatever junk comes along.  Unfortunately, these diets aren’t beneficial at all.

Friend, be careful what you feed your mind–consume only what is good, healthy, and holy.  Nourish your understanding with God’s Word.  It’s the only cuisine that’ll truly satisfy your mental hunger.

Let us bow our heads together and pray:

God, please cleanse me of the rubbish in my thoughts.  Help me to feed on your Word so I’ll be healthy in my body, mind, and soul.

Thank you Lord.



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