Speak Lord, I need to hear from You.

Welcome Friend!

Praise God for your visit today.  It is wonderful to know the Lord Jesus Christ.  I am THANKFUL for His great love for us.   I pray always that the words here will encourage and inspire you on your journey seeking Jesus My Friend.

Today’s scripture is from Psalm 83:1


Why is it that at times God appears to be altogether quiet?  Even though you are seeking him wholeheartedly, why does it seem like he’s gone completely silent?

Brothers and Sisters, you desire to hear God, and that is good.  However, there are times when his silence will do more to grow your faith than anything else.  That is because you must continue to do as he instructed and exercise your TRUST without any outside encouragement. 

It is difficult, but you can depend on his trustworthy character and lean on his truth, love and grace.  Take heart — he’s still working on your behalf.  And when you see how much he’s done for you, it’ll speak volumes to your soul.

Let’s bow our head together and pray:

Lord, even if I can’t hear you, I trust you.  Thank you for your faultless character and for continuing to work on my behalf and also on behalf of my family and friends which you’ve give me.

Bless God Almighty!


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