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Blessed Assurance!

Blessings to you and all you LOVE on this day!

Thank you for visiting.  I continue to pray you will be encouraged and inspired by the words written here as you make your way on the path seeking JESUS my Friend.

We focus on two scriptures today:


PSALM 70:4

“May all who seek you rejoice and be glad in You! “

Praise God.

It is a joy to seek the Lord Jesus Christ for we know that when we seek Him – we will find Him.

He is real!

He exists!

He loves you – yes, you!

Let us take a moment and pray:

Father, we love you too.  We trust you completely and know that because we do – you will supply all we need and lift all of our concerns.  Thank you Lord.

Our 2nd scripture is:

ISAIAH  32:17

“The work of righteousness shall be Peace, and the effect of righteousness quietness and assurance for ever.”

Assurance is the calm born of a deep certainty in the Lord.  Gain this calm and at all costs keep this calm.

Peace is the work of righteousness–living the right life with the Lord knowing Quietness and Assurance follow.


Rest in the Lord!

Live in the Lord!

Be calm, quiet, assured–at Peace.

Yes Lord Jesus.



Forget — Forgive!

Welcome Welcome! It is great that you are visiting today. I am always prayful these words will be encouraging and inspiring to you as you continue on your pathway seeking JESUS my Friend.

Let us begin with a prayer: 

Lord, we thank You for Your Love and all you do for us each day.. We bless Thee and praise Thy Glorious Name forever.  Amen. 

Let us focus today on this thought:

Our wonderful Father in heaven above wants us to fill our world with Love and laughter.  Remember, GOD is LOVE .   Never mind what anguish lies behind you.

Forget, forgive, love and laugh.

Treat all as you would treat Him, with Love and consideration.

Let nothing that others do to you alter your treatment of them.

We can do all things through JESUS CHRIST who strenghtens us.  With God – all things are possible.  Halleluiah!


Speak Lord, I need to hear from You.

Welcome Friend!

Praise God for your visit today.  It is wonderful to know the Lord Jesus Christ.  I am THANKFUL for His great love for us.   I pray always that the words here will encourage and inspire you on your journey seeking Jesus My Friend.

Today’s scripture is from Psalm 83:1


Why is it that at times God appears to be altogether quiet?  Even though you are seeking him wholeheartedly, why does it seem like he’s gone completely silent?

Brothers and Sisters, you desire to hear God, and that is good.  However, there are times when his silence will do more to grow your faith than anything else.  That is because you must continue to do as he instructed and exercise your TRUST without any outside encouragement. 

It is difficult, but you can depend on his trustworthy character and lean on his truth, love and grace.  Take heart — he’s still working on your behalf.  And when you see how much he’s done for you, it’ll speak volumes to your soul.

Let’s bow our head together and pray:

Lord, even if I can’t hear you, I trust you.  Thank you for your faultless character and for continuing to work on my behalf and also on behalf of my family and friends which you’ve give me.

Bless God Almighty!