Your Legacy?

September 5th-September 11th, 2010

Welcome Friend!

Thank you for visiting today.  Be encouraged and inspired by the words you read and remember JESUS loves you!

Have you ever asked yourself how will you be remembered?  Have you shared with your children all that the Lord has done in your life and theirs?

It is a blessing to know the Lord and we want to honor Him by being obedient and passing on what He has done for us, His love for us and our relationship with Him.

Be a blessing to your children, family and friends. Help them reach out to the Lord and value getting to know Him. The Lord will reach out to them.

Praise God!

Our Scripture Focus this week is: Psalm 78:4,5,7

“We will tell the next generation about the Lord’s power and his great deeds and the wonderful things he has done.  He instructed our ancestors to teach his laws to their children…In this way they also will put their trust in God and not forget what he has done, but always obey his commandments.”

Let us bow our heads together and pray:

Lord God, I want to leave a lasting legacy of love for you. Please direct my steps so that you’ll always be glorified in my life and the lives of my family you’ve given me and who I stand in the gap for Lord.



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