Archive | August 29, 2010

Starting The Day With Him.

For the week:  August 29th – September 4th, 2010


It is wonderful that you are visiting today.  It may be the first time or again.  Which ever the case – blessings to you and may these words be encouraging or an inspiration as you continue on your journey seeking JESUS. 

It is my firm belief that all who seek Him will find Him.

Praise God!

Today our Scripture Focus is: PSALM 88.13

“To You I cry; O Lord; and in the morning shall my prayer come to meet You.”

I heard it said that if you’re a soldier – to prepare for war – you’d be sure you have your orders and all the equipment you need to face  the battles ahead.

Well, it is the same for conflicts and struggles we face each day.  We’re often not quite sure how to handles all the situations and issues. 

That’s why it is good to always start your day with God and commit all its troubles to his hands. 

Remember that all your battles belong to him.  As your Commander, he’ll always lead you safely to triumph.

Thank you Lord!

Let’s bow our heads together and pray:

God, I’m glad you know what today holds.  Thank you for equipping me with everything I need to face everything that’s ahead. 

You are truly wonderful!