The Unforgotten

August 23rd – August 29th  2010

Welcome Friend!

Praise the Lord for your visit today.  Your journey seeking JESUS is a blessing and the words here are intended to encourage and inspire you to continue on this path.

Our Scripture Focus this week is Psalm 82:3


Do you ever say to yourself — if I were gone, would anyone notice? 

Even if you’ve never thought those words, I’m sure you can understand the sentiment behind them. 

Sometimes people feel so POWERLESS and INSIGNIFICANT that they wonder if anyone care for them at all.

If you are aware of  anyone who may be feeling this way – please know that God does not forget them, and neither should you.

In fact, God may be calling you to be his representative of love and support to them.  Who do you know that needs a friend? Rather than forget about them, find out what you can do to better their situation.  

Sometimes your listening ear, willing heart, and prayers can encourage a person more than you realize.  Because of you, they’ll know that God hasn’t forgotten them.

Let’s bow our heads together and pray:

Lord, is there someone you want me to help today? Please bring them to my mind and show me how to love them as you would. 

Thank You Jesus!



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