Profound Knowing.

Welcome Friend!

Thank you for visiting and may the words here encourage and inspire you on your journey seeking JESUS.

The Scripture Focus today is:  Psalm 139:1

“O Lord, you have searched me (thoroughly) and have known me.”

You can keep up a front with other people —  it’s a way to protect yourself when you feel insecure. 

You conceal your flaws and fears so people can’t hurt you.  Unfortunately, your defenses also stop you from receiving their love.

Yet you cannot hide from God.

He knows you completely and is aware that those defenses are stopping you from having the life you were created for. 

That’s why he chips away at them until you fully experience his love.

Friend, God knows you more profoundly than you know yourself —  and he’s declared that you’re worth loving.  Therefore, let him tear down those defenses so that others can know and love you as well.

Let’s bow our head together and pray:

Lord God, you’re my Protector —  not the defenses I’ve built up.  Please tear down the harmful walls in my life so I can fully experience your love.  




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