With Every Breath!

Welcome and Shalom!

Praises to the Lord for your visit today!

Please pause and take a breath to remember that Jesus LOVES you and me.  Isn’t that wonderful.

Today’s Scripture Focus as always is from the book of Psalms:  150:6

“Let every living, breathing creature praise God!  Hallelujah!”

Friend, I pray you will be encouraged and inspired by the words you find here today.

In life, all things come to an end — except, of course, your relationship with God. 

That continues for all of eternity.  When your circumstances seem hopeless, He shows you the victory.  When everything else fails, His LOVE remains steadfast.

That’s why it’s wonderful when you learn to walk with Him and praise Him with every breath you take. 

You’re building the most important relationship — the one that lasts forever.  You discover how to rely on Him and trust Him no matter what challenges may come.

Today — and for all of your days — praise God with every breath and continue on in the blessing of His presence.  For that truly is a life well spent.

Let’s bow our heads together and pray:

Lord, thank you for never leaving me! Please teach me to praise you so that each day I will grow closer to you and love you more. This is my prayer Father — I have faith in you Lord — I need you now and forever.




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