Open Up!

Welcome Friend and Shalom!

Thanks for visiting — may you find words of encouragement and inspiration as you seek to know JESUS.

Today’s Scripture Focus is as always from the book of Psalms:  81:10

“I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt; open your mouth wide , and I will fill it.”

Psalm 81 was written in celebration of Israel’s miraculous deliverance from Egypt. 

It’s a reminder that God’s powerful provision is always available for His people — but we must obey Him.

You may be tempted to disregard God and handle your serious situation on your own.  Just remember that whenever the people of Israel did that, they got into progressively worse trouble. 

It was only when they TRUSTED God that they entered the Promised Land.

What needs do you have today? Friend, don’t handle them on your own.  God will help you and provide for you if you’ll be humble enough to admit you need Him.

Therefore, open up to God — He’s got exactly what you need.

Let’s please bow our head together and pray:

Lord God, I’m so used to handling things on my own. Yet I’m open to your provision and LOVE.  Please teach me how to obey you Lord.  I need you. 



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