Your Life Is A Psalm.

Welcome Friend and Shalom!

Thank You For Visiting Today.  Whether it is the first time or once again.  I pray always that you find these words encouraging and inspiring as you continue your journey seeking JESUS.

Go forward confidently knowing that Jesus loves you and me – of that we can be assured.  Praise God.

The Scripture is ALWAYS from the book of Psalms.  Today’s Focus is:  Psalm 89:15

“Happy are those who hear the joyful call to worship, for they will walk in the light of your presence, Lord.”

When you believe in God, your life is a psalm — one that will be read throughout eternity. 

It will record your downbeats of doubt as you cry out to God with your troubles.  And it will chronicle your chords of exultation as He helps you and gives you the desires of your heart.

The theme of your life will be God’s faithfulness to you, for when all your days have been documented, you will undoubtedly report that He never failed you.

Your life is a song of PRAISE to God that’s being written through your circumstances.  Today find PEACE in the knowledge that He’s making your life into a beautifully intricate work of art.

Let’s bow our heads together and pray:

Lord, thank you thank you that every exultant high note and dissonant chord in my life is making a beautiful song of PRAISE to your FAITHFULNESS.


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