You Cannot Imagine.

Welcome and Shalom Friend!

Praise God for your visit!

Whether for the first time or once again.

Today’s Scripture Focus is again from the book of Psalms:  108:4

“Your love reaches higher than the heavens, and your loyalty extends beyond the clouds.”

Who is it that you love the most — the person you’d do anything for.  Think about the depth of your love for him or her.

Do you love that person more than yourself? Perhaps the one you love deepest is you.

Understand that any love you could feel for another — or even for yourself — pales in comparison to the love of God.

There’s a limit to your love, but God’s is UNLIMITED. 

There are conditions to your love, but God’s is unconditional.

God’s love is so vast, noble, and astounding that it’s on a whole different level.

You cannot imagine how amazingly powerful and profound God’s love is for you.

So then REJOICE that nothing can ever separate you from His LOVE.

Let’s bow our heads together and pray:

God, I can’t figure out or measure your love, but I can thank you for it.  Please help me to TRUST the height and depth of it.




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