Other People’s Failings.

Welcome and Shalom!

Thanks for visiting today!

Here’s a short song for you:

Just say the name of Jesus

Just say the name so precious

Just say the name of Jesus

No other name I know – Just say His name.

That is one chorus of a wonderful song – be blessed by it.

Today’s Scripture Focus is again from the book of Psalms: 109:4

“In return for my love they accuse me, but I continue to pray.”

Whenever someone hurts you, you can choose to take one of two paths.  The first is the road of bitterness.  You ruminate on their wounding words and actions until they paralyze your heart.

The second is the road of blessing.  this option leads you to God, to whom you release their cruelty against you.  

You realize that God has forgiven you of the wrongs you’ve done, and to be like Him you must forgive them.  

This path brings you closer to God and develops His character within you.

People’s failings can either draw you closer to God or paralyze your heart against Him and others. 

Friend, you know the better path —  so take it.

Let’s bow our heads together and pray:

God, I’ve been harboring unforgiveness in my heart.  Please forgive me and help me forgive those who’ve harmed me.  Thank you for your LOVE Lord.  



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