Restorative Hope!

Welcome and Shalom!

Breathe deep and take a moment to Rest In Jesus.

Thanks for visiting today.

Our Scripture Focus is again from the book of Psalms:  62.5

“I find rest in God; only He gives me hope.”

Praise God!

Have you gotten to the point that you feel you can’t continue?  Sometimes this is because of legitimately strenuous tasks. 

But more often that not, it happens when you handle your responsibilities in your own strength.

You keep working and pushing — feeling that if you fail, everything will fall apart.

You trust yourself for success rather than God —  and it’s wearing you out.

My friend, you need to rest and trust that God will reenergize and inspire you.  He’ll show you how to work smarter —  instead of harder — and accomplish everything in HIS strength.

So go ahead and take a break and another breath.  Let the Lord restore you.  He’ll fill you with His wisdom and empower you for all your tasks.

Will you please bow your head with me and pray:

God, it’s hard to let go because there’s so much to do.  I feel overwhelmed Lord.   Please help me to TRUST You, and remember that I can and should always REST in You.




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