Rock To Water.

Welcome Friend and Shalom!

Thank you for visiting today – for the first time – or once again.

My prayer is that you will be encouraged on this day in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Scripture Focus is:  Psalm 114:8

“He turned the rock into pools of water, yes, springs of water came from solid rock.”

As the Israelites fled from Egypt across the desert, they were weary and parched–yet there was no water to quench their thirst. 

So Moses prayed, and God instructed him to strike a particular rock with his staff. 

Moses obeyed the strange command, and the water flowed out.

This unimaginable miracle is your ENCOURAGEMENT today.

Whatever you yearn for, don’t despair when you don’t see it.  God will use unexpected things in your path to provide for your needs.  Your responsibility is to obey his commands and trust His promises.

It’ll take FAITH, friend, but God will help you. 

So do as He says.  He’ll transform your situation in a way you could never have dreamed.

Let us please bow our heads together and pray:

Lord God, thank you for the reminder that you can do miracles in my current situation and at anytime.  Lead me O Lord, and I’ll follow.  I need you Lord.  Thank you for your love and power.



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