Surrendering To Sense.

Welcome Friend!


Thank you for visiting whether it is for the first time or once again.  It is not by accident you can be sure.  The words you’ll find here are inspired by verses from the book of Psalms and intended to encourage you as you spend time with God and seeking Jesus. 

Enjoy today’s journey where our Scripture Focus is :  Psalm 2:11

“Worship God in adoring embrace, celebrate in trembling awe.”

Sometimes it seems no matter how hard you try, you cannot understand what is happening to you. 

The more details you discover, the more confused you become.  None of the information you are receiving fits together, and you feel as if your mind just can’t wrap itself around the situation. 

Yet there is One who is great enough to make sense of your circumstances—and wise enough to know what you should do.

(Praise God!)

Friend when you worship God, focusing on His almighty power and trembling in awe of His wisdom, you realize that there is nothing too big for Him to handle. 

You find peace by focusing on Him and surrendering the situation to His care.

Let us bow our head together and pray:

Lord God, I come into your presence in worship, adoration, and surrender.  You are truly wise and make sense of all that concerns me.




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