The Voice of the Lord.


Praise the Lord you chose to visit today – for the first time or yet again!

Scripture Focus Today is:  Psalm 29:4, 8

“The voice of the Lord is powerful; the voice of the Lord is full of majesty…The voice of the Lord shakes the wilderness.”

At the sound of His voice, the winds and the waves obey and calm down.  At His command, the rains fall or the rivers recede.

He spoke, and day and night; heaven and earth; animals, birds, and fish; flowers, plants, and trees; and man and woman were created.  He opened His mouth and the stars appeared — and the entire universe with them.

When God speaks, all of creation responds and trembles.  His word is powerful— it’s the foundation for everything that exists.  So listen to Him and don’t be afraid when His voice shakes you.  Embrace His message, because He’s creating things for you that are better than you can imagine.

Let us bow our heads and pray:

Lord, I know your voice is powerful and wondrous! I praise you for your wonderful word — let me hear you clearly today, my God.



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