What’s Wrong Here?

Welcome Friend!

I give thanks and praises to God that you are here – whether it is for the first time or once again.

It is my prayer and hope that you will be encouraged by the words you read here – as you continue seeking JESUS.

Today’s Scripture Focus is:  Psalm 120:2 —

“Deliver me, O Lord, from lying lips and from deceitful tongues.”

My friend, has it ever happened that as you’re talking to someone, you feel it–like a sudden pause in your spirit. 

Something with what they’re saying makes you feel uneasy, though it all appears right and you wonder — what’s going on here?

Well, many say that sometimes when you feel a hesitation about others, God may be cautioning you about their true intentions.

Old-time believers called that a “check in the spirit.”  It’s a divine signal that alerts you concerning some danger or deceit.

Sister or Brother — don’t disregard God’s warning, no matter how attractive or convincing the person.  Pay attention to the “checks.” 

Step back from the situation and watch it unfold.  Certainly, God will show you what He’s protected you from, and you’ll be glad you listened to Him.

Could you please bow your head with me and pray:

Lord, thank you so much for warning me about the things that can harm me.  Help me to heed your warnings and pay attention to the “checks.” 




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