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Other People’s Failings.

Welcome and Shalom!

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Here’s a short song for you:

Just say the name of Jesus

Just say the name so precious

Just say the name of Jesus

No other name I know – Just say His name.

That is one chorus of a wonderful song – be blessed by it.

Today’s Scripture Focus is again from the book of Psalms: 109:4

“In return for my love they accuse me, but I continue to pray.”

Whenever someone hurts you, you can choose to take one of two paths.  The first is the road of bitterness.  You ruminate on their wounding words and actions until they paralyze your heart.

The second is the road of blessing.  this option leads you to God, to whom you release their cruelty against you.  

You realize that God has forgiven you of the wrongs you’ve done, and to be like Him you must forgive them.  

This path brings you closer to God and develops His character within you.

People’s failings can either draw you closer to God or paralyze your heart against Him and others. 

Friend, you know the better path —  so take it.

Let’s bow our heads together and pray:

God, I’ve been harboring unforgiveness in my heart.  Please forgive me and help me forgive those who’ve harmed me.  Thank you for your LOVE Lord.  



Encouraging Others’ Souls.

Welcome and Shalom!

Praise The Lord Jesus Christ!

Today’s Scripture Focus As Always Is From The Book of Psalms:  119:74

“May those who fear You see me and be glad, because I wait for Your word.”

God gave each of us spiritual gifts that are entrusted to us for the sake of others.  Gifts so that you could be His instrument of blessing and encouragement to those in need.

Whether you help, give, teach, pray, or serve, you represent God’s comfort and provision to them.

Friend, understand that you’ve been given the wonderful privilege of showing God’s LOVE to all the people who cross your path.

So use your God-given gifts for His glory!  Others will undoubtedly be encouraged and glad to have you around.

Let’s please bow our heads together and pray:

Lord, how would you have me encourage others today? Please empower me to bless those around me mightily with my spiritual gifts!


Restorative Hope!

Welcome and Shalom!

Breathe deep and take a moment to Rest In Jesus.

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Our Scripture Focus is again from the book of Psalms:  62.5

“I find rest in God; only He gives me hope.”

Praise God!

Have you gotten to the point that you feel you can’t continue?  Sometimes this is because of legitimately strenuous tasks. 

But more often that not, it happens when you handle your responsibilities in your own strength.

You keep working and pushing — feeling that if you fail, everything will fall apart.

You trust yourself for success rather than God —  and it’s wearing you out.

My friend, you need to rest and trust that God will reenergize and inspire you.  He’ll show you how to work smarter —  instead of harder — and accomplish everything in HIS strength.

So go ahead and take a break and another breath.  Let the Lord restore you.  He’ll fill you with His wisdom and empower you for all your tasks.

Will you please bow your head with me and pray:

God, it’s hard to let go because there’s so much to do.  I feel overwhelmed Lord.   Please help me to TRUST You, and remember that I can and should always REST in You.



A Sure Rescue.


Praise the Lord you’re here.


Today’s Scripture continues again from the book of Psalms:  6:4

“O Lord, deliver my life; save me for the sake of Your steadfast love and mercy.”

Perhaps you’re visiting today with an important issue pressing heavy on your mind?  One that consumes your energy and creativity.  Maybe you’ve come here wondering two things:

FIRST:  Can God help me? 

Yes, the almighty God who created the universe is able to handle your situation.

SECOND:  Will God help me?

This question goes to God’s LOVE for you — especially if you’ve messed up in some way.  Yet the answer is yes!

His love for you is unconditional, which means he’ll surely rescue you.

So go ahead and rest in the confidence that God can and will work in your situation.  Though it may not be in the way you expect, He’ll definitely come to your aid.

Let’s bow our heads together and praying and believing:

Lord God, thank you for loving me unconditionally and helping me.  I entrust this situation to you, knowing that your power will transform my circumstances for good.





The Shepherd Provides.

Welcome Friend and Shalom!

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Today’s Scripture Focus is:  Psalm 23:1

“The LORD is my shepherd; I have everything I need.”

Think about the shepherd — how He provides for His sheep. 

How He finds them water without parasites to quench their thirst.  How He’ll walk miles to lead them to grass that will nourish them and give them strength.

The gentle shepherd knows when His sheep need rest, and He watches over them while they sleep. 

With Him, they don’t fear predators because He’s a strong, skilled protector.  Neither do they despair when the terrain is too difficult, because they know the shepherd won’t fail them.

Today your Good Shepherd is with you–so don’t be afraid.  Trust His perfect leadership and unfailing love to keep you, and follow Him confidently every day of your life.

Please bow your head with me and pray:

God, thank you for being my faithful, compassionate and wise Shepherd.  I will follow you and trust your loving provision.



Ever Listening.

Welcome Friend and Shalom!

Thanks for visiting today – for the first time or once again.

Thank you for this Blessing!

Today’s Scripture Focus is:  Psalm 4:3

“The Lord will hear when I call to Him.”

In the silence of the night when your household lies quietly resting, sometimes difficult thoughts will prevail in your mind.

Perhaps you’ve been careful not to voice your concerns with others because you didn’t want to worry them. 

But in that desolate moment you are alone with your struggles, and you wish someone could share them and comfort you.

God hears you.  He is with you, with His  ear always bent toward you, waiting for you to invite Him into your situation.

You don’t have to go on feeling alone.  Call out to Him and tell Him your concerns. 

Let Him comfort you.  He’s always ready to listen.

Thank you Lord Jesus.

Let’s bow our heads together and pray:

God, thank you for your comforting presence in my loneliest hours and for always hearing my prayers.  Truly, you are good and loving.


His Name Is Trustworthy!

Welcome and Shalom!

This is the day the Lord has made — we will rejoice and be glad in it!

Thank you for stopping in – whether it is for the first time or once again.

I pray you will be blessed and encouraged by the words you find here as you continue to seek JESUS.

Today’s Scripture Focus is:  Psalm 9:10

“Those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you.”

Friend, you may well be wondering what it means when you’re reading the Bible and you see the word LORD in all capitals. 

This was the way translators signified that God’s name had been used in the original text.

In Hebrew, God’s name is transliterated Yahweh, which means “I AM.”  He is the living God, who is as faithful and loving today as He was to all generations before–and as He’ll continue to be for all eternity.

That is why you can TRUST God, because He is consistently and unchangingly honorable.


The psalmists saw God’s faithfulness proven daily, and you can as well.  Call upon His name.  You’ll certainly find that He’s completely trustworthy.

Let’s us please bow our heads together and pray:

My God, the great I AM, I thank you for being utterly dependable and reliable, faithful and trustworthy.  May your name always be praised.