Heritage of Faith

Welcome Friend!

Praise the Lord you are here for the first time or once again.

Today’s focus is:  Psalm 61:5

“…You have given me the heritage of those who fear Your name.”

I hope you are TRUSTING in God for your struggles today. 

One wonderful way to strengthen your confidence in Him is to consider the people who’ve served God before you.

Whether your parents and grandparents knew God or not, you have a heritage of FAITH to encourage you. 

Throughout the Bible are histories that ‘ll fill you with awe at the power and faithfulness of God.  Yet you’ll also observe what others have trusted God for — things beyond human imagination — and how they were rewarded. 

You’re not alone in your relationship with God.  From Genesis to Revelation you will find outstanding examples of overcoming faith and answered prayer. 

Ours is a heritage to be proud of –so read and be inspired.

Please bow your head and pray with me:

Lord, thank you that the Bible was written for my encouragement and is a record of your faithfulness throughout history.  You are worth of great PRAISE!



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