Calm in the midst of the Storm — Praise God!


Today’s Focus is:  Psalm 107:29

He hushes the storm to a calm and to a gentle whisper, so that the waves of the sea are still”

Friend, life can often feel as though we are moving from one storm to the next.  It can be overwhelming.

Think back to your last storm — your heart roared wildly in your chest, like a flag flapping violently on a turbulent day.  Chaos surrounded you — there was no time to think — just react to the tornado of troubles that hit.

In these times — there’s only One person to cling to because only God can quiet this tumultuous maelstrom.

So PRAY.  Repeat to yourself the things you know:  God loves you and can handle this and any situation.  God is in control and will help you.  He‘s never let you down and never will.

The tempest may not pass immediately, but He’ll infuse you with His wonderful peace and empower you with His strength.  Then you’ll know what it is to have calm in the mist of the storm.

With bowed head and thankful heart — please pray:

Lord, I need your calming voice in my troubles.  Please help me.  I will praise you because you give me your peace and strength.



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