His Way Is The Highway – Walk His Way.

Welcome and Praise God You Are Here!

It is my hope today that you will find a word of encouragement and be inspired as you begin or continue on the road seeking Jesus.  


He loves you. 

And, remember, when you seek Him – you will find Him.

Do you know that what pleases God is when we obey Him.  The Lord doesn’t want a relationship with you based on regulations — but, based on LOVE.

Though it is easier to follow a set of spiritual rules, that’s not what God has called you to.

That’s why sometimes when you’re doing everything “right,” God sets you on a darkened path — He’s showing you how to RELY upon Him completely.

God would rather have a healthy, authentic relationship with you than watch you observe some SACRED  RITUAL (Rule/Regulation).  His way is higher than mere religion, so follow Him. 

He’ll teach you to really love Him.

“Send out your light and your truth; let them guide me.  Let them lead me to your holy mountain, to the place where you live.” (Psalm 43:3)

Please bow your head and pray the prayer below:

God, I praise you for valuing relationships over regulations and LOVE over rituals.  Teach me to love you more every day — to be obedient and willingly walk your way. 



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